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  • 1. How to decorate different home furnishings with oil painting?

    Basically, the choice of decorative painting is neither good nor bad, but suitable or inappropriate. Even a piece of artwork should be regarded as an important part of the house, that is to say, the painting must be unified with the overall style in color, pattern and form (frame, mounting, etc.) .


    Decide the basic style of the decorative painting

    The style of decorative painting should be chosen according to the subject furniture style and fit in with the same environment. Avoid to use paintings which are in conflict with each other, otherwise it will make people feel messy and discomfort, for instance, if traditional Chinese painting and modern abstract painting are hanging in the same room, it will seem to be neither fish nor fowl.


    Determine the subject color of the painting

    Because the main role of painting is to adjust the atmosphere of the room, so it needs to contrast with the environment, from this point of view, the choice is mainly affected by the main color of the room and seasonal factors. As for the hue of the room, it can be generally divided into black and white colors or warm and cold colors. There are more choices for decorative painting in a room based on white color, while if the room is in warm color or cold color pattern, we should choose the opposite color to decorate it. For example, cold colors such as blue and green can embellish a room with yellow color, and vice versa. For the seasonal factors, it is convenient to use paintings of different colors to adjust the tone of the house, warm color is suitable for winter, cold color for summer, green color for spring and orange color for fall. Surely, the premise is that the hue of the room should be white.


    Choose the pattern of decorative paintings

    The pattern and style of the painting stand for the owner's private view, so no matter what to choose, the important thing is to fit the painting with the space. For example, it is better to hang landscape painting, still life painting and abstract painting in living room, an art piece strongly shows personal taste is not suitable for the space. Because a living room is a place where other people stay most of the time, so the decoration should be acceptable by most of people. As for bedroom, you can add anything according to your preference.


    Select proper size of paintings

    The size of the painting should be selected according to the features of the room. Generally speaking, paintings at the height of 50~80 cm is suitable for the average rooms, and the width of them should be more than 2/3 of the main furniture. If the sofa is 2 meters long, then the whole width of the painting should be about 1.4 meters; for small kitchen and toilet, you can choose smaller decorative paintings. But if there is enough space on the wall, and you want to highlight the artistic effect, the best choice is to hang a large decorative painting, so that the effect will be very prominent.

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Still life painting



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