Branches with Almond Blossom

Published: Monday 07 August, 2017

Branches with Almond Blossom was a unique project that had personal meaning for the artist. Van Gogh had a very close relationship with his brother Theo. As a result of this relationship, when Theo's wife Jo gave birth to a son, they named the boy Vincent after the artist himself. Van Gogh was touched by this gesture, although he stated in letters to his mother that he would have preferred that the boy had been named after his and Theo's father instead. In celebration of the birth however, Van Gogh created the now famous painting of almond blossoms to be hung above his brother's bed.

The painting depicts the branches of an almond tree, with delicate white blossoms. The tree and blossoms are set against the background of a blue sky. Almond blossoms were an ideal choice for this painting, as they represented hope and new life to the artist. Traditionally considered a post-impressionist artist, Vincent Van Gogh's approach to post-impressionism was to communicate his state of mind through his art. This is evident in the painting, which was created during a time when the artist himself felt hopeful for the future and was in good spirits. In addition to post-impressionist tendencies when it came to art, many of Van Gogh's works also had a distinctive Asian influence. The Van Gogh Blossoming Almond Tree painting shared attributes of both, but was an obvious testament to the artist’s fascination with Japanese art and prints. The picture was completed in early 1890 and was given to his brother only a few short months before Van Gogh's death in July of 1890.

The Japanese-influenced painting is ideally suited to enhance the tranquil atmosphere of a room. The soothing colors and reaching, gnarled branches of the Van Gogh Blossoming Almond Tree will draw the attention of the viewer and makes an attractive addition to any room. Because it was originally painted as a symbol of rebirth and life, the painting is also suitable for baby rooms, dens or any room where relaxation is desired. When purchasing a reproduction of the Van Gogh Blossoming Almond Tree at per-art , buyers are not only purchasing a version of a famous piece of art by Van Gogh, but they are also purchasing a painting that had special, personal meaning for the artist himself.