Classic Western Love Theme oil painting (1)

Published: Friday 09 March, 2018

1.Girl With A Pearl Earring

“Girl With A Pearl Earring”  is the masterpiece of Vermeer, a great master of Holland golden age.Such a seemingly small painting makes the whole world intoxicated. Because people love this work so much, there are many deductive stories about the girl with a Pearl Earring. The most famous is the Cinderella story.


Griye was a girl of poor family and was employed by the painter Vermeer's home as a maid. In the painter's home, Griye came into contact with the wonderful world of painting for the first time and those wonderful oil painting awakened her potential artistic sensitivities. At the same time, Vermeer was also moved by Griye's artistic talent and good temperament. Greye was infatuated with Vermeer's artistic talent and willing to pay for him. Gradually Griye became a part of Vermeer's work."The Girl With A Pearl Earring" is the best witness of the pure love between Vermeer and Griye. However  good life that always goes so fast. Finally, the painter and the girl failed to break through the obstacles. They left a forever wistful story, and the immortal masterpiece.


2.Lover's Corolla

Fragonard is a Rococo painter in France. He has four oil paintings of the love stories about "leisure" young men and women: "friendship" , "Confessions","invasion" and "lover's Corolla". Oil paintings tell the story of loving at first sight, climbing the balcony to meet lover at midnight, the girl wandered in the garden thinking something and young man's success in courtship.


3.The Bride of the Wind

Kokoschka is an expressionist painter in Austria. During the first World War, he and the musician Gustav Mahler's ex-wife Erma Mahler fell in love. A few years later Erma abandoned him for fear that he was too deep into his feelings.But he loved Erma for all his life , His most famous work, "the bride of the wind", is also dedicated to her.



"Kiss" (German: Der Kuss) is one of the representative paintings of Austria symbolism painter Gustav Klimt. It's his works in the golden age when he often used gold foil to draw painting. "Kiss" is a square painting, showing a pair of lovers who are embracing together, and their bodies are twisted together by a robe. This means of expression is influenced by both the new art movement of the same period and the movement of art and industrial art. Gustav Klimt covered gold foil in traditional oil painting ,which makes the modern sense of the painting more prominent . "Kiss" is currently showed in the beautiful scenery palace in Vienna, Austria beauty Palace Museum of Art and widely regarded as the classic of the early twentieth Century . "Kiss" is a representative work of symbolism, and is also the most popular work of Gustav Klimt.

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