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Hand-painted high quality animal oil painting on canvas (Unframed) art wall decoration: horse 2807028

Oil paintings, acrylic paintings in Per-Art.com such as animal oil paintings always uses practical technique that the piece shows a running horse. In the paintings, artist use full passion in horse's head, neck, chest, legs and other parts of the big turning point, so that changes in shades of wet and dry natural. Horse leg straight fine effort strong, like steel, paper is punctured, and the abdomen, buttock and tail bristle arc is very flexible, full of dynamic. Overall, before the big screen after a small, strong sense of perspective, and the legs reach the horse has a strong impact, it seems to break through the screen. Sinewy horse, freshness
Starting at: $465.00
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Review: 4.00 - ,
It's in good quality and the horse is vivid. It would be better if the price can be lower.

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Shanghai & XiaMen, China
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