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Published: Monday 26 February, 2018

An easel is a wooden frame used to support a picture when an artist is painting or drawing. It can make the painting stand upright and facilitate the work of the artist. The appearance of easel results from the rise of easel painting, while its practical function has changed several times into a variety of forms today. The easel is generally divided into three types: indoor type, outdoor type, and desk type.



(1) And (2) are the European ancient style of easel, it can only make the picture adjusted up or down and lean forward a bit.


(3) and (4) are two styles have been popular in Europe for centuries and are still being used in today's art colleges.


(5) is a kind of traditional easel in Europe, the top is equipped with a gooseneck incandescent lamp, which enables artists to adjust beam angle when they are painting.


(6) is a practical easel that can be adjusted front or back as well as up or down, while its shortcoming is the inadequacy of placing a large piece of artwork.


(7) and (8) are the two styles mostly adopted by professional painters at present. Equipped with universal wheels at the bottom, they can be placed at any place without difficulty. They are suitable for drawing large-size oil paintings. Among this kind of easels available in the market, some are installed metal screws for artists to use a handle to adjust the height of the painting. Also, they provide a supporting plate to place brushes and pigment products, making painting a comfortable work. Recently, a new easel is designed to lay a painting flat. It's a good news for artists that they needn't bother to unload and install the paintings they want to lay.


(9) and (10) belong to the type of outdoor easel. They have several features such as light, hard, collapsible, tall, and firm. When painters need to paint standing, the easel makes the support on painting stable. Most of the traditional outdoor sketching easels are wooden frames, now in the market, there are lightweight aluminum alloy ones for choice.


(11) is a metal easel with a sun umbrella often used by some professional landscape painters. The easel is assembly and easy to carry, and the angle of the sun umbrella can be adjusted.


(12) is a kind of miniature easel placed on the table as a small picture frame used for drawing miniatures.



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