Knowledge that should be understood before painting outdoors

Published: Tuesday 20 March, 2018

Oil paints are ideal materials for outdoor painting. If you use small canvas or drawing board, you can quickly cover them with pigments. Cans Tai Bo's small color sketches drawn before creation are often painted on cardboard or paper. These two kinds of substrates are very suitable for drawing color sketches. You can also buy some sketch papers for oil painting, which are not expensive. But some painters don't like the shorthand paper because their surfaces are somewhat sticky, and other painters think they are very good.


Of course, we also must admit that working outdoors is influenced by some objective factors, many artists have been the sun burns and insect bites, blow down and easel from the wind or rain works are bad experiences. So in summer, you can bring some sunscreen and insect repellents, and sunshade hat and other protective products. In winter, you need to wear a pair of thick socks, and you can bring hot water bottles if necessary. Of course, whatever the weather, please prepare an umbrella so that you can avoid your hard work being destroyed. These preparations are not superfluous because if the body is not comfortable, your painting ability will decline.


To a certain extent, the landscape is popular with most painters because they think that the landscape is easier to draw than the portrait or the building. But even if you don't need to draw them exactly the same as objects, if careful picture and skillful drawing skills are still important, if the border lines of Zhongshan are not exactly the same with objects. If the composition needs, will be an object (such as a tree) from one side to the other side of the picture, the situation is completely allowed, but if you arbitrarily change the object's shape, it is not able to hold its own characteristics, it will lose the significance of painting.


So under normal circumstances, unless you have a very good picture of the whole theme, it's best to start with sketching, so as to establish the relationship between the main part of the theme. And don't forget that landscape painting is also perspective. The proportion and perspective relationship of objects such as small rivers, fences and fields are very important for the picture.


In the landscape of the plain, the requirements for these relationships are more accurate. Often you will be surprised to find that in your eyes, one of the Great Lakes in the middle distance, appear in your screen is like a narrow band. If you are a beginner, you may still have to use the actual measurement reference at this time. Pick up a pencil or an oil painting stick, and then position it on the pen with your thumb in this way to measure the ratio of the length and width of the object. And if you have been able to find the right proportion by visual proficiency, that means you have the ability to transform visual information into painting.


The above introduces some basic knowledge about oil painting outdoor sketching. If we need outdoor sketching, we should look over this basic knowledge and help you.


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