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Premium Sea Wave of Abstract Seascape Paintings on Canvas Wall Art for Decorations Unframed

The ocean is never still. Whether observing from the beach or a boat, we expect to see waves on the horizon. Waves are created by energy passing through water, causing it to move in a circular motion. However, water does not actually travel in waves. Waves transmit energy, not water, across the ocean and if not obstructed by anything, they have the potential to travel across an entire ocean basin.. The whole picture of a large area of the main wave, suitable for decoration in the Living Rooms, Bedrooms, Nurseries, Offices, Cafes, Hotels. Great artwork Hand painted seascape oil paintings on canvas Whosale Home Decorative wall pictures & painting by painters and artists from per-art.com.Per-art.com the perfect place to buy original oil paintings from around the world. All of our landscape oil paintings are 100% hand-painted by our professional artists.
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Love the size and the bright blue colors of this painting. I have it hanging near my front door and it's so impressive. Good art piece for you to buy.


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