Privacy Notice


You can provide us with your personal information when you visit our website. For example, when filling out the questionnaire or user registration form, or to make up for ever in China when registering with the site, you may be required to provide certain information, such as your contact information (name, email address, mail address and phone number), age, gender, and you use the brand and products.

If you do not want us to collect any of your personal information, please do not provide us with.

1 Promotion email

In your agreement, we will provide you with the information you can use to make and send you our business communications or survey, or other information contained in the product information guide or marketing communications.


According to your choice, we can provide to you the phone number to generate and transmit the information or promotional products and activities on the messaging (SMS / MMS). And not the SMS / MMS charges, but your mobile phone service provider may short message sent and / or received costs and communication costs, and mobile phone service providers are charged according to the other standards costs charged to you.

3.Communication for your service

If you choose to provide us with contact information, we will in any way, including email to you issued on site service announcements and retrieve password notification, and your customer service request or your orders on the problem with you. For example, all registered users will receive a welcome email in order to confirm the registration. The purpose of this communication is to provide a better service for you, answer your questions, and provide a high level of service.

4.Personalized service

We may use your personal information to provide you with personalized web services and use. For example, we would like to suggest that you may be of particular interest to the product.

5.Special events, questionnaires and surveys

Sometimes sponsors special events (such as race, draw, or other activities), questionnaires, and surveys. With regard to the use of personal information you provide in these activities, you will see an explanation for the special rules of promotional activities. We strongly recommend that you check the relevant rules before you participate in the sales promotion activities. If special activities, questionnaires or surveys are not applicable to the special rules, the personal information shall be handled with the purpose of this privacy policy.

6.Allows us to provide you with personalized Web Services Technology

We use a variety of techniques to gather information about your visit to our website so that you can improve your use and make you visit our "web site" for personalized experience. For example, we will collect digital IP addresses in order to confirm the computer or equipment that may indicate the location of your location. In some cases, we will combine these technologies with your information on the website. These technologies will provide a variety of information, including whether or not you previously visited our website". These techniques also allow you to save your preferences. The following will detail the various techniques.

7.Site tagging and tracking links

Site marking (also known as a net image and pixel label), trace links and / or similar technologies are composed of several lines of code, embedded in the web page of our website. They are often used in combination with cookies, and the "web site" users usually do not see. Site marker to third parties (such as our service providers) transmission of information, and can be used for tracking customer to some of the ads in the newspaper of reaction, in order to better design have for interactive advertising and good customer support and availability. If you reject our cookies (see paragraph below "cookies"), you will prevent site markers from passing on your message, and you may not be able to use certain features of the "web site".


Browser cookies is a small amount of text left on your computer's hard disk when you visit our web site. Cookies cookies similar to the browser Flash, but the former can store more complex data than simple text data, and stored in your browser instead of the hard disk.

You can use your browser and / or your browser plug-ins (such as flash) to notify you or automatically reject cookies. Rejected our cookies will make cookies Coremetrics (described below) can not operate. If you refuse our cookies, you can also visit the "web site", but may not be able to use certain features. Temporary cookies only for your shopping convenience, after the provisional order cookie will expire.

9.We share information and share

Besides mentioned "transfer of business" paragraphs, or third party is we specified for your sales and delivery of the dealer, not your consent, we won't will provide your personal information to third parties for its you to promote their products or services. In addition to the provisions of this article, we do not sell or otherwise leak the personal information of the site visitors.

10.Third party

We can employ other companies and individuals to comply with this Privacy Policy on behalf of us to perform our duties. For example, data analysis firms, customer support professionals, e-mail providers, network Server Co and logistics services companies (such as the coordination of the company's mail, etc.). We in order to let these third parties to perform their duties, may to provide the customers personal information, but the use of these materials do not use these information for any other purpose and the third party should abide by this privacy policy.

In addition, in some cases, we may seek your advice will disclose your personal information to third parties, such as promotions or co sponsors. If you agree, we will disclose your personal information to these third parties for their own purposes, they will comply with the privacy policy.

11.Abide by the law

To comply with the requirements of the relevant laws, regulations, procedures or requirements of the government, we can disclose the required information. In addition, if it is necessary to avoid personal injury, economic loss or the potential or existing illegal activities, we can disclose any information that is required.

12 .Transfer data to other countries

According to this privacy policy to obtain your personal information and include your personal information database of related parties, brand or third party may in China, France and other countries, these countries will have different degree of legal protection of personal information. Regardless of where it is located, all the associated party, brand or third party to obtain your personal information should comply with the privacy protection statement listed in this privacy policy.

13.Children's privacy

If you are under 18 years of age, you can browse our website, but can not provide us with your personal information. That is, you can't register or buy a product. "Website" is not designed for persons under 18 years of age, and we will not collect any personal information about any person under the age of 18. If we learn that we accidentally get personal information about a 18 year old visitor, we will delete it from the record.

14 .How to protect personal information

We take reasonable security measures on the website to avoid unauthorized disclosure, use, modify or destroy your personal information provided by the website. In view of you through the public Internet access our site, we through an open network that Internet collection of the personal information you provide, and the open network if attacked by hackers, your personal information may be unauthorized third party see and use.

15. Privacy policy update

We may amend this privacy policy from time to time. If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will publish a revised policy here. We recommend that you regularly check this privacy policy. You can find the entry into force of this privacy policy at the top of this page.

16 .Unsubscribe and manage your preference

You can choose whether or not to accept our e-mail, SMS, printing materials, etc.. You can click on the "Cancel" link at the bottom of each email you received to choose not to receive our mail or phone / mobile phone message and indicate your preference.

17 .Opinions

We have taken a number of measures to ensure that your visit to our website goes well, and that your privacy is always respected.