An Oil Painting Needs to Reflect Its Era

Published: Wednesday 24 January, 2018

 A good piece of work may be interpreted in one thousand words, but it will be more expressive if its frame is just perfect.  "The picture frame has a great ability to influence our appreciation and interpretation of a piece of work." Eli Wilner, the founder of Eli Wilner, said. But before picking a picture frame, you need to make sure that it is the most suitable one .


 According to Wilner,  historical accuracy is the most important thing to be paid attention to during the selection process.  "A picture frame needs to reflect the time of that painting. I would imagine I was an artist and I wanted find my favorite mounting master." he said. " When I have gradually confirmed the frame style of the painter's work, I would begin to pay attention to its scope, decorative elements and colors, so as to make it a unique artistic work."


 There are some factors that need to be considered when mounting a piece of work.



 “I think that every great painter will spend a lot of time on considering the mounting of his works. Even a poor artist like Van Gogh makes his own picture frame. Geweide  regarded himself as a Renaissance painter. He wanted create the sacred and religious sense in his work just like the decorative paintings in the churches of Rome and Florence . This piece of work would lose the true and holistic meaning if it was mounted less or more part.”



 "If this is a very beautiful and attractive painting, I will choose a golden frame to match the happiness in the painting . By designing a frame with the most abundant elements without being overmounted, I want to show the beauty of the flowers and the pattern of cloth.


 Ornamental element

 Because of the exotic theme elements in the work, I will choose an oriental style for Jerome's paintings. Like the wing at the Met of the Middle East or Spain's Alhambra palace, the decorative symbols will put you in a feeling like in the middle east. Yes, a French picture frame of the 19 century does play a great role. But this style of mounting will change your idea and show that a picture frame can bring a background to a piece of art.



 Coehlo's works are usually mounted in carved and quiet nineteenth Century decoration style. But what we are more familiar with is the more elaborate eighteenth Century style. This is also the mounting style of Coehlo's works you see in many museums and private families. The soft carvings on the frame match the style of the works very well.