Beauty in Your Eyes

Published: Sunday 06 August, 2017
Beauty is what most people are searching for. Beauty contains not only beautiful look , but also the natural scene ,. Each one of us has a slightly different, personal “beauty register,” yet, generally speaking, people are able to recognize an artist’s personal expression of beauty in art, and be moved by it. But try to describe a beautiful painting, event, piece of music or sunset with language, and the magic is easily lost in a laundry list of individual parts.
Apparently, the use of language must itself be beautiful to communicate beauty effectively. Poetry and some exceptionally inspired and sensitively written prose are able to achieve that quality. So it would seem that the perception of beauty is created by the interrelationship of all the parts of something, be it a painting, dance, concerto, or poem, to each other, as well as to the whole. In order to create a beautiful work of art, the organizational structure of all the parts must be as beautiful as the work itself.
This so precisely mimics the structure and organization of the brain that we must conclude that we are wired for beauty. Why? What survival advantage does this give us? Would sentience eventually lead to despair without it? Why do we need to make art? Leave a comment-we’d love to hear your comments.