Taking care of your paintings will ensure its life

Published: Friday 08 September, 2017

Taking care of your paintings will ensure its life. Precautions can be taken when you have an oil painting. Oil is one of the most sensitive means of artistic media, and damage is common. The process of dealing with artworks often inevitably causes damage, so precautions must be taken when moving the painting. Make sure to seal and insulate i and prevent the heat and cold temperature changes.


The temperature change will make your screen stretch, just like your door frame from winter to summer. This may cause paint and canvas to break. Some changes are inevitable, but in order to avoid serious changes, the painting hangs in the home or office must be where the humidity and temperature are fairly constant. Avoid hanging the painting near the door, window and duct (which includes the usual use of the fireplace). Bathroom and kitchen (humidity, smoke, heat) is also a bad idea for hanging your oil painting.


Lighting, whether natural or artificial, will have a negative impact on your painting for a long time. Do not hang your paintings under direct sunlight. This will cause the paint to fade, as well as frequent changes in temperature will lead to cracking. When selecting the correct man-made lighting, try flooding or using spots, using low-frequency bulbs, because high concentrations of direct light will have the same effect as sunshine on your painting.


Hanging your painting is an important consideration. We have talked about the temperature damage, but you also need to consider "human injury". Avoid hanging the picture where people are bumping. In theory, your paintings should be hanging on the level of the eye, but in a narrow space like a corridor, a little bit will not be injured. 8 to 10 inches above the breathing room of the furniture should be saved from the unfortunate painting. Another consideration is cigarette smoke. If you have a designated smoke area, hang the poster.