The magical power of art

Published: Tuesday 05 September, 2017

If you think buying art is just a waste of money in such weak economy, then you may think it over. The point is that the usefulness of art is beneath notice. Maybe you are still unconscious of how art influences you, but it does work on you intangibly. Believe it or not, art can be practical. The function of art is not only decorative, but also interactive.

Basically, art affects us in a subconscious way, thus we can benefit from choosing proper art for certain purpose. For instance, hang a piece of painting about birds in your room will cheer you up every morning. If you want some peace, seascape theme paintings can relief you from disturbed thoughts. When art is around you, it serves as a reminder.

Every time you look at the painting on the wall, the obstacle and problem will give way to you and you determine your attitude more firmly. A practical fact is that watching art forces your mind elsewhere. It’s usually complete in just ten seconds. Then change your direction of view for another ten seconds, what rests in you mind? Next step, look back again, what did you lose? These steps help you focus the mind and improve brain performance.

You may be tired of the painting after hang in home a few years. But you had better wait before you sell it. The environment keeps changing and you may not be the same person as before. What you need is a break and to put the painting aside for several months. After a period of time, you will find the painting attract you again! That’s the magical power of art.