The way of better art composition

Published: Friday 08 September, 2017

A good painting is created by various of elements. You could not ignore planning, patience, and a knowledge of all the visual elements at your disposal. How to create a great oil painting is not only depend on your art talent you have, you always need to pay attention to the art texture composition in advance.

With that in mind, try to take these elements to create a composition for your own paintings, and as you study other people's paintings, look for what does work in their composition.

Today, would introduce some easy composition methods that I learned from the artists.

Make sure the subject you wanted

Obviously your composition depends a lot on what you’re actually painting, so pick something interesting, and always make sure that there’s a good light source from one direction to give the object a strong highlight and shadow. Most of time people will Be attracted by color, texture, sharp angles, etc, since those will increase a viewer’s interest.

A suitable size will be nice

If you’re not sure what size to make it, just keep it as close to life-size as possible. It’s will be easy for you to paint and better to restore.

A good placement to highlight your theme

Avoid letting your subject aside, top or bottom, Those types of placement will destroy the balance.

Control your lines

This pulls the viewer out of the space you’ve created and will distract from the image. An outline as well as other lines to give it depth, texture and detail at painting. Our eyes naturally follow lines, so use that to your advantage in capturing the viewer’s gaze. Let your lines flow to the center of your work, or to the spots that you want the viewer to look at.

Visual contrast

Visual art should have a full range of values from dark to light. Make sure you’re not adding emphasis to a corner or edge of a painting if your focus is meant to be in the center.

Select the correct color

Please pay attention to your color matches. Warm colors will make objects appear closer to the viewer, so use them to create depth and space. Cold colors will cause objects to recede into the distance.

Just try to follow these rules and you will create a great artwork.