Why Are There So Many Nude Women in Western Oil Paintings?

Published: Wednesday 21 February, 2018

 Nude painting is an important theme of European painting. In fact,the western is not always open minded.From the perdition of the Rome Empire to the Renaissance and the era of Great Voyage, Catholicism imprisons the ideas of the western people. People who drew nude even some simple description would be burned to death in this dark medieval history . Women generally didn't go out. The dark period makes western civilization develop slowly.


 When the Renaissance in Europe came, people's minds were liberated and a large number of artists emerged. Oil painting originated in Greece. And Greek mythology thought that the appearance and body of God and human  are the same, so the the body of human is the body of God. The naked women and men in the eyes of modern people are gods in the eyes of people lived in that time. In that emancipated environment, human body oil painting has become the mainstream of Western painting art.


 As far as painting conditions are concerned, the great progress made in human anatomy makes the figures in painting very accurate. In the process of drawing painting, painters pay attention to the objective facts of the works and integrated the theory of anatomy and perspective into the painting, which provided support for human body painting.


 In the terms of subject matter, human body painting is much more complex than other paintings. The painter needs to understand the structure of the skeletal muscles deeply and pay attention to the portrayal of character. There are  a lot of plot and story themes that can be chosen for the human body painting. Human body painting can also convey the artist's thoughts and abilities accurately.


 In the terms of objective needs, the status of men and women were severely unequal in ancient times . This led to the fact that most of the painters and most buyers were men. Because of the huge demand of society, there was a large number of human oil paintings.


 From the view of painting itself, if Chinese paintings pay more attention to subjective performance, then western oil paintings pay more attention to the description of the objective facts. The subject of painting in Chinese painting is based on landscape painting. Since the times of Greece, Western oil paintings have been dominated by characters and gods.


 The history of the nude painting is too longer than other paintings. And what value it has and what position it is depends on your view of art.


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